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Well, it’s the infamous Adult Friend Finder, one of the oldest adult dating sites around. It remains innovative with the ability to view multiple cams, browse profiles from around the world, join cam rooms to converse with from around the world, a load of user videos, pictures, and even blog. Adult Friend Finder has the most members available of any dating site I currently know of.

Inside Adult Friend Finder

I like the name in general, actually. No BSin around it, you know what you’re getting into when you click on the name. The video cams are a nice feature, and you don’t even have to join an actually chat room to view the cams. There’s a stand-alone tab under the Videos category that you can click on that takes you to the live member cams. You browse this by men, women, couples, etc, click the cam, and you have the ability to rate a member to alert others of the member’s performance, and you can also see how many people are viewing said cam. Also, you can page a member to send them a quick message, and they can reply back. You can also add them to your Hotlist and even flirt, but that requires a membership.

The video rooms give a little snippet, with the gender information of a person on the sidebar.  You can also open cams from here, and they open to about the same size as the stand-alone tab, and you can open as many as you want, but you have to be a silver or gold member.

I like this site because you can pretty much respond to mails from gold members, view one webcam, send pages through the webcam tab, view smaller pictures of gold member profiles, and blog without becoming a silver or gold member, but it’s not too bad to become a member, and I’d actually advise you to try it out. I know you’re asking, “oh no, this sounds to good to be true, there has to be some negatives”, and well, you’d be correct. There are a few and I’ll jump right into them.

I didn’t really have any success with meeting any women on this site, but I’m not the persistent-type, and I rarely sent any mails since I was using Fling at the same time I was using this. I’ll add another good thing and say I actually never got contacted by a bot, so that is also a HUGE positive. I’ve actually been contacted by a few women, but unfortunately they weren’t local, but we did play on cam through Yahoo and MSN a bit, so it’s all good. I did, however, get contacted by a lot of gay men, and guys into cuckold who wanted me to fuck their wives — but that’s not my thing. I wish there were more women on cam.

Although better than most, there are only about 30 women on cam at a time. You also have to pay too much for separate options. What I mean by this is that you have to pay an extra monthly fee to view unlimited videos, for standard members to contact you, and to get highlighted in the search and emails.


In conclusion, Adult Friend Finder is a great site for chatting, and I also believe you could actually become successful in meeting someone from this site. With a little persistence and gumption, it actually probably wouldn’t be too hard with the amount of members that are on this site. I’m sure bots exist, but I actually didn’t get contacted by any, but I did get the ‘Get Freaky With Your Hotlist’ emails, but no spamming. With the option to video chat, to try it out for free, and the huge amount of members you won’t regret trying it out for at least a month.

UPDATE: I’ve meet two women off here without really trying, lol, so I can only recommend it even more. There’s also a new phone feature. it’s called Privatecall. PrivateCall allows you to use your own phone — any phone, including cell phones — as long as outbound caller ID is not hidden. Though your private number will be concealed from the recipient, outbound caller ID must be visible so PrivateCall can dispatch your call. It pretty much means you can talk to someone on your phone, whilst remaining anonymous for anyone that’s scared of someone they don’t know blowing up their phone after wards (it’s real nice).


Oh yeah, I’ve found a tip for you cheap fuckers. If you sign up for a free account and want to view cams, well of course you can, but did you know you can view multiple cams at a time? It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Basically you want to go to Live Member Webcams the Video tab, find some cams you want to view, and click on as many as you can before the first one loads, which allows you to view all. It goes by how quick your connection is.

Also, if someone Hotlists you, this means you can invite them as a friend. This means that you can send them an friend request, and include your email or whatnot inside of it.


  • Wide range of people on site, so you’ll have a greater chance of meeting someone
  • A lot of webcams to view
  • A lot of salacious activity ensuing on cam
  • Cam IM, send private phone messages, and receive SMS updates by phone


  • Too many separate options to choose from, meaning you have to pay for each

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