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Camfrog is a chat software that you have to download in order to use. First off I’d like to say that I’ve been using it for a couple of months, and I can safely say it isn’t any spyware contained, or that I’m running some great virus protection (Windows Defender, AVG, Windows Firewall, and a router).

Inside Camfrog

Anyway, it’s pretty much used just for chatting, but you are able to view one cam for free, receive messages, and enter just about any room without a Pro version. With Pro version, you are able to make your own rooms, become an operator, auto-accept video requests (if you’re a woman, I suggest you keep this turned off), have a IM feature added where you can disable receiving them, or choose to only receive them from people in or out your contact list, add text over your video broadcast (I personally hate when women do that, takes some of the value away from the cam, IMO), send files to other pro users, transparent windows so you can see in the background, view your video chat history, and view as many, as well as place them anywhere you deem fit.

Camfrog is a nice place for obscene activity. Many times you can come in and see a women baring some, if not all on cam. It’s simple enough to use. All you have to do is log on, find a room, and click it, and you’re in. Another great thing is most of the top x-rated rooms have no room limit, so don’t be surprised to see over 1,000 users in one room at a time.

If you have the pro version, then the added features are great, but the unlimited chat windows is the best out of all. They are great because not only can you view an unlimited amount, but you can actually place them anywhere on your screen. An added bonus is the fact that it’s software, therefore you can run it in the background if you were on the internet, or running some other application. Oh yeah, and remember the x-rated rooms won’t show up unless you turn the family filter off, which you can find to the left, under the Back, Forward, Home, Refresh, and Create Room Tab.

Some bad points are that some rooms require cams. This is not necessarily bad, but for all you fuckers that want to watch, and don’t want to go out a buy a cam, then you won’t be able to enter some rooms — you can always pause or cover your cam, of course. Sometimes you could get the occasional server down or you’re behind a fire wall message. I mentioned early that I use Windows Firewall, well, I wasn’t at those times, so maybe it truly was the server, but I doubt it.

Last but not least are the spammers! They are worst than Camvoice, well, it’d be close. There are some true retards on there. I remember one time a guy told every one to press 111 if they wanted to see this woman naked, and well, everyone proceeded to press it. I guess that’s not too bad, but they did it non-stop! I’m talking 5 minutes straight. so the moderator started booting people quick, then put the chat in moderation mode — which meant only operators and friends could type — for about 5 minutes. She took it off, and they were still typing the 111, WTF!?


All-in-all, Camfrog is a great software for salacious activity. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time on here if your intent is to see some nudity. I’m not sure about the ‘relaxed’ rooms, but if you’re looking to actually chat on some in some of the rooms, then I wish you luck. There are just too many people in the top rooms to catch most messages, and a lot of spammers to top it off. Anyway, download it and see for yourself.


  • A lot of people on cam
  • A lot of salacious activity in the cam rooms
  • Can view as many cams as you choose (Pro users)
  • IM feature is nice (Pro user, but you can respond to them)
  • Can see who’s watching you


  • Gay spammers
  • Need a cam for some rooms

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Number of Cams
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Ease of the Site
All-Around Nudity
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