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Streamate is a PPM cam site with free sign-up and free live chat.  It has some very nice features, which include: two-way chat (love sites where they can view me as well as me viewing them), a load of fine women, helpful customer support, access to all pre-recorded shows for $15 bucks a month, email receipts for every purchase sent to you,  a daily spending limit so you don’t accidentally go overboard, cam previews, great search features (hair color, lesbian, etc.), a tab to save a favorite (you’ll use this a lot), easy site navigation, the ability to change the camera angles, and HD Cams!

Inside Streamate

The models set their own prices-per-minute, so the price can differentiate from 99 cents a minute, to $4.99 a minute, and member discounts vary.You have to verify your age by inputting your CC information, but this is a pretty standard procedure these days, and your card is not charged at this time!

I like Streamate a lot because of the capacious amount of features. One of my favorite of course is the ability to broadcast my cam when I take them into a private chat. Talk about enhancing the experience. I love showing it on cam, and hey, I love when they’re watching. Pretty much the overall cam quality is excellent, but HD cams are by far the best thing I’ve ever seen. The picture quality is downright flawless, I just wish more of the women had them.

Exclusive chat is usually a bit more ($4 a minute on average), where you and the model are having a 1-on-1 chatting experience. Premium chat is cheaper ($3 a min on average), but others get to chat with the model using premium chat as well. I opt for this if I’m ready to get on cam because I know I can grab their attention from the other guys most of the time. I’d suggest you sign-up to get rid of the gay-ass pop up windows that appear every now and then. I like the fact that most of the models respond right away — not that super delay or flat-out ignore you like I’ve seen at other cam sites, and most are friendly as well.

I suggest you build up a network of girls that you like (ones that don’t BS and try to hold you to the chat by taking 5 minutes to remove a damn bra), and save them to your favorites so you know just who you’d like to chat with, and if they’re on or not. Another great feature is their RSS feed. What this does is send you a notification to your computer when one of your favorites log into the chat. You can also choose to have a SMS (Short Message Service) text message to your cell phone to be notified as well.

Daily limit is a great feature, and it starts off at $150.00 a day, so if you want to spend more or less, you’ll need to request for a change of your spending limit, and get sent a confirmation, get it reviewed and all that good stuff. Once you reach your daily limit, your chat session will close, and you can’t log into your account until the next day. This is actually great because I know how tempting it is to just stay for an extra minute. With all that said, let me jump into the bad.

There are a few things I think can help improve Streamate. One of which is when the model leaves or takes a break, I think it shouldn’t display the model on the live model screen. All chat prices aren’t the same, but this can actually be a good thing because you can get a show for as low as 99 cents a minute, so this isn’t really a big deal. No text chat for free users. Sorry guys, to chat with the models, you’ll have to at least sign-up for a free membership which isn’t bad, unless you feel like bad-mouthing a model and getting blocked, and the block is permanent I believe. And more models need HD cams! If all had HD cams, this would definitely improve the overall quality — which is great without it, though.


All-in-all this is one of the top cam sites available. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth here. I find myself “cumming” back to this site very often, almost as much as ImLive. With the ability to display your own cam to a model, the ability to change the camera angles, a wide variety of models to choose from, HD Cams (yes, I can’t stop talking about them, they’re awesome), quick-response customer service, access to all pre-recorded shows for $15 bucks a month, and a daily spending limit, there isn’t too much more you could ask for. Of course you don’t take my word for it, browse around for a bit and try it out for yourself.


  • HD Cams
  • A lot of women to choose from
  • Can change camera angles
  • Prices as low as .99 cents
  • RSS Feeds
  • Daily spending limit in case you go overboard


  • Needs more HD cams
  • Can’t text in free chat

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