Show me your asshole!

I’ve noticed something which I think is strange while camming, and it’s that guys would rather see a lady’s asshole than pussy! WTF!? OK, I’ve never tried anal sex, or have future plans to, however, even if so, I think that I’d enjoy the pussy much more than the ass. So here’s my question, why do guys love assholes so much?

I’ve heard people say that they’re secretly gay, but I don’t necessarily believe that. Is it because it’s tighter? Does it feel better? Does it send women over the edge? Women, do you even like it? Even if it is all of that, why would you want to see it, let alone over the pussy? Let me know, because I’m very skeptical about this.

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  1. Men are all arse holes and are attacted to anything that resembles themselves. Really if u are going to get poo on ur dick it might as well be a womans….. did that help?

  2. Anal sex is associated with control. Men enjoy a certain aspect of control over a woman during relations. Certainly there could be issues with misogyny, but I imagine most people find it benign. There has been a huge trend over the last twenty years or so, in increase of anal sex being performed in porn. With the boom of the internet, you could say anal has become ‘viral’ in that it’s seemed to gain acceptance and is certainly less taboo then it once was.

  3. I cannot explain my attraction to the anus. I love to see it, I get excited when my women allow me to freely look at it. Yes I like cleanliness and it’s import to me. She is always clean, and she loves me to play with her there. I finger her and fuck her ass often, it makes her come quicker too. I love to perform analingus on her too.

  4. Man this annoys me too in every single chat.
    Even before the girl is naked, someone asks “can you show/spread your asshole”.
    Maybe it’s the same guy all over the net.
    Why this ass fetish?
    I prefer to see her pussy first!
    Or maybe these are arabs that have an ass/anal fetish?
    It annoys me.
    People stop asking for asshole at the beginning.
    You can do it after an hour, when the pussy lovers are satisfied.

  5. Because most of girls are afraid of showing their pussies. Most of them can show their boobs, their ass, but rarely their pussies.
    Besides, it’s very tight and hot!

  6. I am one of those guys that likes the asshole over the pussy. For me, its a turn-on to know that a pretty woman can have this one little area that can be so dirty. I mean, I do like them clean, but the thought that a beautiful woman can have that one spot is a turn-on.

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