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WebCamNow is stand-alone chat site filled with a lot of members. Unlike a standard videochat system, it used what they call Speedster, which speeds up the frame rate of viewing a cam by making it 10x faster (normal speed of any other site). Sounds kind of odd, right? Well, you’d be correct — it’s kind of dumb, but I get the concept. Anyway, lets get down to the review.

WebCamNow has a simple interface with no scrolling of the page. It has option such as adding someone to your favorites, being able to stay in the Lobby while viewing a cam, or going to the person you’re viewing room, as well as staying in your own. Simply just enter your user name, and you’re ready to go. Well, unfortunately that’s it for the good, but I can come up with a lot for the bad.

This site suffers from a lot of things, first of which is there is no way to tell if the person’s cam you’re about to click on is a woman or man. You pretty much have to guess off of names, and that’s not always promising. Most of the cams are from bots. The site is synonymous for a lot of bots — probably 90% of the women cams in general. You can only view one cam at a time, even if you purchase the Speedster upgrade. Last but not least is the Speedster in general. Without Speedster you’ll feel like you’re viewing a video in slow motion, because the cam refreshes every 10 seconds, which is terrible, so you’ll have to upgrade to Speedster to even get a normal video feed, but the problem is that IT SUCKS! A lot of the times using it, you’ll actually get disconnected, so it’s not even worth it unless they fix the server issues. To give you a quick visual of not using Speedster, imagine watch your favorite action-packed DVD, now imagine the picture only changing every 10 seconds… that’s how the cams are without the upgrade.

All-in-all, not all that great of a site. Maybe it’d be good for chatting, but for viewing cams, it’s terrible. Too many bots, slow cams, and upgrading disconnects you — need anymore convincing? Anyway, you can always try it for yourself.

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Number of Cams
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